Sunday, July 22, 2018
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About a week ago, I was looking at my computer desk.

I have notebooks and pens scattered across it, opened to various pages on various topics. Then I looked at my desktop to find innumerable notepad documents on, yet again, a variety of topics. I open my web browser’s bookmarks and again… what a complete mess.

I tend to be a little bit, well, untidy when it comes to research. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to blogging, work, or knowledge-seeking, in general, I can be very meticulous in my research. The problem is, sometimes, I spend more time digging up my research than I do actually entering it into my report or blog post.

Enter kifi.

What is kifi?

Kifi is an amazing, free social platform that is aimed at connecting people to things and people that matter to them. Think of it as a social bookmarking site.

Kifi states that it is available as a web app, a Chrome extension, an iPhone app and as an Android app. Just playing around with it for a week or so, I’ve been using it on Chrome.

When you join, it asks for you to download the Google Chrome extension. After you do that, a small button will appear in the bottom of your web page.

From now on, when you come across a site that you find interesting or great for research for your newest blog topic, you simply “keep it”


Once you hover over the kifi button (depicted above), some options will appear.
In the bottom of the picture at the right, you will see a couple of buttons. The one shaped like a house will bring you to your kifi home page. The envelope will open an email to send the page to someone. And the last one is a share option. Kifi allows you to connect with other users on the platform. So, if you’re following someone who has similar interests to you, you can send them the page to have them take a look.

The final button, “Keep it,” is the button that has made my life much easier. By pressing this button, a list of categories will show up. You can choose to bookmark the page under your main library, a private library, or a specific topic.

Here’s the Real Beauty of kifi.

Have you ever found a web page that you found really interesting, so much so that you just had to bookmark it? Some days, weeks, or even months go by and you completely forget about it.

Well, the great news is, when you type into Google what you’re looking for, if you happen to have a kifi page kept, it’ll show up at the top of your search results, like in the image below.

What really makes this feature great is the fact that you could come across a page about, say social media marketing. You find it interesting, so you “keep it“. A month later, you decide to do a post on it, so you search Google and it’ll pop up in your search results!

So, basically, when you sit down to start chasing down some research, you might find that you’ve already compiled a nice list of premium resources!

Social Aspect

Don’t forget about the social aspect of the platform. Whether you’re in blogging, internet marketing, or a craft and DIY type of person- there’s going to be people to connect with.

Besides finding pages that you like, don’t forget to find people you like too. Looking for people in your niche, or maybe you’re curious what sites they’re checking out? Maybe you’re looking for an already made compilation of websites on a particular topic? You can follow entire libraries made by others and connect with like-minded people as friends.

Also, if you’re in a blogging community and a friend of yours is doing a post on something and you happen to find a site that you think would be great for them to check out. Share it with them. If they’re not on the platform, you can email it to them as well.


When it comes to blogging, internet marketing, or anything online, bookmarking can be an invaluable tool. Why not go social with it?

This is a simple tool I’ve recently started using and I couldn’t be happier! What about you? What tools are you using to help you with your research? Do you think kifi is a good idea? OR is there something else that you prefer? Please leave your comments below.

P.S. You know that pile of bookmarks you got saved in your browser? Yeah, you can import those :)

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