Thursday, August 16, 2018
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buy backlinksAre you looking to buy backlinks? Every website requires backlinks to boost online traffic and of course rank on all major search engines. Typically what people tend to do is build a website or even create a blog and expect sales, traffic or some form of engagement. This is not how it works.

Ok so you have built a stunning website or you had paid a designer to build your website for you,  now you must be wondering what the next step is for your business.

Let me tell you owning a website involves alot of work. You just not build a website and boom customers or people come it doesn’t work. You must follow the correct procedures in getting your business visibility and eventually sales.

It is all about on page and off page seo. Your website looks amazing but has it had the correct on page seo work done on it? It is a long process and is something you should work on at a nice slow pace, do not rush it.

On page Seo means where it is set up for all major search engines so it can rank for the keywords you wish for it to rank for, meaning when someone enters a certain phrase in gooogle or any other search engine for that matter your website will come up. Keyword research is the very first step with any business. I will not go into that too much in my article. Here i would like to concentrate on link building, off page seo.

Every website requires backlinks. Backlinks are links linking back to your website to give you more of a chance of ranking higher. It is not always about quantity of links you have, it is about quality.

Everytime a website is linking back to yours Google and all other search engines pick up on it and this will therefore help your business.

Buy Backlinks Or Not To Buy?

Obviously if you do not have experience in the field of seo you will require help and you will need to purchase some kind of off page seo to get your website moving forward. There are so many places online you can buy backlinks ( This is a personal favourite of mine…why? Because they offer quality over quantity. When i spend money i like to know what exactly the process is and how it will be implemented. These guys at rankers do just that. I am a fan of their monthly seo service and have used it in the past. What i like about this is you get access to a dashboard where  you can see all of the activity going on. Also any queries i have had they are so quick to respond. I have used them for  few websites in the past and i have to say the results were pretty neat. I definately recommend this company.

Other Resources

There are so many places online you can buy backlinks, including alot of freelancer sites including Let me tell you though you have to be very careful with sites like these. Why? Well from past experience i have purchased backlinks on there and most of them were software generated —A BIG NO NO in the eyes of google. If GOOGLE Picks up on spammy links from software your site can actually be penalised. This is why you must be very very careful. Read the sellers reviews if you are unsure and if you are confident in your purchase sure go ahead and make that move for your business.

Quality Over Quantity Remember

Backlinks will get you discovered, but as aforementioned it is not about quantity its about quality, quality back-links get you found for the targeted keywords which will bring you targeted prospects receptive to your products, and affiliate offers. Go buy backlinks for your website and start ranking on google.

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