Baby-Step Success!!!

So what kind of success am I referring to? Well, if you take a look around, you’ll see there’s been a few changes. Some baby-step success in my journey of … Continue Reading →


Setbacks… and Getting Started

You know, every once in a while (in all facets of life) there are going to be setbacks. When starting or running a blog, some of those setbacks can include servers crashing, outsourcing … Continue Reading →


Sending Out An “S.O.S.”…

In the Internet Marketing World of today there’s something known as “Shiny Object Syndrome,” or, more simply “S.O.S.” Many of those who have been trying to make it online for … Continue Reading →

Hello World!

Hey Guys and Gals! Man, am I EXCITED! Welcome to my blog! This is my first ever blog post and the beginning of my Journey into Internet Marketing! First, a … Continue Reading →